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If by “gifts” you mean “policies that are in the best interest of the overwhelming majority of the American people”

then yes, Obama won by “offering gifts to minorities and young voters”… and also everyone else.

This is getting embarrassing for you, Mitt.

Geographic/geologic determinism in the Deep South's blue counties

Usually when you look at political maps of red states, you can bet any blue spots are going to be urban centers (or college towns), but here’s a different story on demographic trends in the South that goes beyond the standard urban/rural split.

Basically the prehistoric coastal geology and ecology of the place made for a band of extremely fertile soil. The increased agricultural production meant more slaves, and because people - especially people below the poverty line - don’t tend to move around that much, there is still a large, sometimes majority African-American population through this part of the region.

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Don’t go mixin politics with the folk songs of our land.