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Quinoa may deliver a complete protein—all of the amino acids you require—in a compact package, but rice and beans together actually do better. And like goji berries, blueberries and strawberries are packed with phytochemicals. The only problem is that lacking an exotic back story, food marketers can’t wring as exorbitant a markup from these staples: The domestic blueberry, for example, is periodically (and justifiably) marketed as a superfood, and in 2012, products featuring blueberries as a primary ingredient saw their sales nearly quadruple. But they only raked in $3.5 million—less than 2 percent of açaí-based product sales.

Tom Philpott, "Are Quinoa, Chia Seeds, and other ‘Superfoods’ a Scam?" (from Mother Jones)

Also worth highlighting is this section:

Worse than superfoods’ origin myths, though, are their effects on the people in their native regions. In 2009, at the height of the açaí berry hype, Bloomberg News reported that the fruit’s wholesale price had jumped 60-fold since the early 2000s, pricing the Amazonian villagers who rely on it out of the market. In the Andes, where quinoa has been cultivated since the time of the Incas, price spikes have turned a one-time staple into a luxury, and quinoa monocrops are crowding out the more sustainable traditional methods.” (emphasis mine)

So not only are the markets for “superfoods” putting the foods out of reach of the people who relied on them as a dietary staple, but there are foods easily accessible to us that deliver all the nutrition at a fraction of the cost, both to our grocery bill and to the social/environmental toll.

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US Constitution, First Amendment: The right to assemble, to have free speech, to have freedom of the press.

Ferguson Police: Kicks out media and limits protestors to a “First Amendment Area”image

funny, i thought the WHOLE COUNTRY was a first amendment area. silly me. 

You ever see these things? Not quite diaries. They don’t sell them at Kmart. We’re talking about a fancy-ass leather-bound book filled with thick, white, blank pages. The kind of thing they sell in stores that have globes and telescopes. The stores where everything is laid out with seemingly careless but excruciatingly exact precision to create the feeling that you’ve just made a purchase capable of unlocking a terrible fantasy movie about a watch that can stop time or a telescope that sees alien ghosts. In any event, I’m really not sure who these books are for. What do you put in it? Quite simply, the book looks important. It’s designed to hold important things, and the unlined silky paper screams out for calligraphy. But in the real world, what person is capable of generating content that would be suitable for such a container? No one. I mean, I suppose if you were able to spit out the great American novel, with no revision, in beautiful handwriting, then sure, go ahead, purchase this book and get right to work. But it seems to me anything short of that is just bastardizing your purchase. It’s like buying an ornate, bejeweled egg cup and sticking a Weeble in it.

5 Awesome Things No One Is Cool Enough to Own (Part 2) | Cracked.com

I swear, half of the Fiction Writing majors I saw write in teenie penmanship with a moleskin book - just blew my mind (and not in that positive, impressed way). I write best with the cheapest piece of crap spiral-bound notebook from Walmart - or, even better, a loose piece of paper or receipt.

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[OC] The US grouped by first two ZIP code digits [1920x828]


[OC] The US grouped by first two ZIP code digits [1920x828]





If they show sports events at bars why don’t they show tv shows?

someone should get to making a fandom bar.

no but can you imagine? fandom themed drinks, tv show maraton nights, discount to cosplayers, and special season finale events.



The only such place I know of is in Wilmington for a certain one-season sci-fi western that went off the air 12 years ago, but this definitely happens from time to time at other bars here.

Though I also live in the only town in the universe where Jimmy John’s doesn’t deliver, so don’t rely on my information.